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Apr 30, 2009

CVS GDA w/o 4-26

The deals I hope to do:

I just KNEW there would be a way to capitalize on the 3M deal at CVS this week!Here's how to make this deal a $5 Money-maker with NO out of pocket cost:Buy SIX 3M Command Metal Hooks - $2.50 each (total $15)Use SIX $2.50/1 printable coupons (Yes, it's a pdf, but it's directly from 3M's site and they put out pdf coupons often)Pay $0 out of pocketGet back $5 in ECBs!$5 Money-maker after coupons and ECBs!WOOHOO! If you have several CVSs close to you, you can buy a couple at each store if one of the stores doesn't have all 6. The total will build with each purchase and then once you hit $15 your ECBs will print out.

Buy $30 worth of Roc products, Get $10 in ECBs (you will also get $4 off any Roc product automatically)Use $3/1 printable coupon when you sign up for their newsletter
Possible scenario:Buy 8 Roc Cleanser @ $3.99 each (regularly $7.99 each)Use 8 $3/1 couponsPay $7.92 out of pocket (or with ECBs from previous weeksGet back $10 in ECBs$2.08 money-maker after coupons and ECBs!

Thanks to my friends at Surviving the Stores!!

Apr 27, 2009

The little yellow bird

Have you ever had one of those experiences that you just have to stop and think about? I had one yesterday. I was out in my front yard planting the new flowers Jim and I had bought earlier in the day. I was crouched in front of a pretty large pot when I noticed a very small goldfinch fly by me and land about 3 feet from where I was crouched. I stopped what I was doing to just admire this tiny bird. The bird was hopping down off of a rock to take small drinks from the puddles formed from my watering of plants. The tiny bird kept watching me as he drank. He flew off…but not sooner did he fly back, but this time he landed right on the hose that lay only inches from where I was. This time he walked even closer to me and came to a stop right under me. I sat there in utter amazement. He looking at me and I at it. On some special level he must have known I would not harm him. It was very special…I am honored that Nature bestowed this experience on me!!

Apr 24, 2009

A nice thought for Friday!

Thanks to our friends at Daily OM

April 23, 2009Spreading Love EffortlesslyKindness
In the quest to create a gentler, more loving world, kindness is the easiest tool we can use. Though it is easy to overlook opportunities to be kind, our lives are replete with situations in which we can be helpful, considerate, thoughtful, and friendly to loved ones and associates, as well as strangers. The touching, selfless acts of kindness that have the most profoundly uplifting effects are often the simplest: a word of praise, a gentle touch, a helping hand, a gesture of courtesy, or a smile. Such small kindnesses represent an unconditional, unrestricted form of love that we are free to give or withhold at will. When you give the gift of kindness, whether in the form of assistance, concern, or friendliness, your actions create a beacon of happiness and hope that warms people’s hearts. The components of kindness are compassion, respect, and generosity. Put simply, kindness is the conscious act of engaging others in a positive way without asking whether those individuals deserve to be treated kindly. All living beings thrive on kindness. A single, sincere compliment can turn a person’s entire world around. Holding a door or thanking someone who has held a door for you can inspire others to practice politeness and make already kind individuals feel good about their efforts. Smiling at people you meet—even those who make you feel like frowning—can turn a dreary encounter into a delightful one, for both of you. Every kind act has a positive influence on the individual who has performed said act as well as on the recipient, regardless of whether the act is acknowledged. Kindness brings about more kindness and slowly but surely takes a positive toll on humanity. Weaving the thread of kindness into your everyday life can be as easy as choosing to offer a hearty “Good morning” and “Good night” to your coworkers or neighbors, a stranger on the street, or the grocery store clerk. When you commit a kind act, you are momentarily disconnected from your ego and bonded with the individual who has benefited from your kindness. Being fully present in each moment of your life facilitates kindness as it increases your awareness of the people around you. You’ll discover that each act of kindness you engage in makes the world, in some small way, a better place.

Home Depot

Thanks to my friends at HCW, here's a great tip for all you gardeners!!

HOT - Home Depot's doing another FREE Do-It-Herself clinic - this time, focused on Gardening! What could be better? The focus is on container and veggie gardening! If you're not even growing container foods for your family this year, you need to get in there and do it - it's a great way to reduce food costs. LINK TO OFFER

This is a great way to get some advice and to get your soil tested!!!

Another Great Site

Deel Seeking Mom has some great deals out there. This week check out Target!!! I am not much of a Target deal shopper...but I may have to change my mind!!

Apr 23, 2009

New Great Site!!

Surviving the Stores

This is a great, straight forward site for getting great deals!!! I have saved this one on my favorites!!!

Apr 22, 2009

CVS Calculator

Earth Day!!!

What can you do today to help? Here is what the kids at Ripley Primary did.....

Speaking of Earth Day. Yesterday we were discussing various forms of pollution and what we could do to help clean it up. Trash on the playground was a top contribution, so I said " Do you want to go and pick it up?" they got all excited so I said " let's go!". You would have thought they were finding Easter eggs! We went half way around the school and the class filled their ziploc bags with trash. The only exception were wet things and cigarettes. I told them to be very careful and to stay on the grass. On our way back to the classroom we walked through the building. At first people thought it was candy until they got a closer look and were shocked that it was all trash from our school. We will clean up our own playground today, while our chunkies cool (recycling old crayons by melting them down in the muffin tins i bought at the yard sale by your house).

Apr 20, 2009

Help the Planet!!

What better way to help the planet than by using something 100% recycled, and what better way to help your wallet than to get it 100% ( have to pay tax) FREE!!!

Go to this link to sign up for a reminder to get a MIR for a package of Reynolds 100% recycled Aluminum Foil!! You can sign up now for a reminder to go back to the site on EarthDay 4-22.

Apr 17, 2009

Susan Boyle

If you haven't seen Susan Boyle...then you haven't been watching TV. I am touched to the bone!! What a lesson for us all. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! I challenge everyone out there...if you have ever had a dream....TRY!! As for me, I am living my dreams. I have made myself a promise..Susan, if you make an album...I am going to buy it, I feel in doing so, I am supporting the dreams of the whole world!!!

Apr 16, 2009

CVS GDA w/o 4-12

It looks like this coupon has been disabled. Sorry Fans!!

Purex laundry soap is on BOGO
With this link you can print a BOGO coupon!!!

type in zip code 44514

Thanks Oceanbreeze for this tip!!!

Loreal DeepSet Wrinkle Repair

The first thing I noticed when I tried this product, the smell is lovely!! Have you ever had a "scent memory"? For some reason this smelled like my mom. I tried the night cream first. It is very rich. I like the way it spreads on the skin. By morning, it all seems to have absorbed...I didn't wake up with greasy feeling skin! A++ I have to admit, I am a side/stomach sleeper, and as such, I tend to wake up with "morning face" (wrinkles caused by the way I sleep) The older I become, the more I notice that my "morning face" is lasting thru the day!!! YIKES!! I really hope that this Loreal DeepSet Wrinkle Repair will help with this!

The Day Cream!! YUMMY!! Light, non-greasy and for something with a SPF doesn't feel "waxy" on my skin. I am loving this stuff!!

Possible GDA

OK...I don't know this for sure...but my sources (HCW) say that there is a coupon coming this weekend (4/19 RP) for $.50 off Angle Soft TP 4 roll package.....even when it is not on the 10/$10 the price is good at $1.22 (I have been told this is the reg price)
Whew....there for a short time, I thought I was going to have to start spending money on TP again!!!!

Apr 14, 2009


My oh my!!! What a great Buzz... Got my Loreal Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair!! 2 Full size bottles!! One of the day lotion and one of the night cream!! I can't wait to try them and tell you all about them!! Right now I am using the Olay Pro-X line (that I had Q's for and I got my MIR today for $25.00 back) It is going to be hard to beat the Pro-X...but I am willing to give it a try!!!

Apr 13, 2009

Kroger Freebies

The week of 4-12 the following things are on sale:

Quaker Rice Cakes
10/$10 using the recent $1 Q from the inserts... = FREE

Suave Deodorant
10/$10 - $1 Q = FREE!!!

GDA = Green Giant Boxed Veggies
10/$10 - $.50/2(doubled) = $.50 a box, not free, but not bad!!!

Apr 10, 2009

Get ready for the CVS Aveeno ECB deal

Use this Link to get a $2.00 off IP for Aveeno. The week of 4-19 the deal is this: Buy $25.00 of Aveeno get a $10.00 ECB!!! I did a BuzzAgent for Aveeno positively ageless night is Delish!!!

Morel Mushrooms!!

Oh joy of joys.....Jim and I have found our "Mushroom Spot" It is Morel Mushroom time in E. Tennessee. The best part of "the hunt" is just the quiet solitude of the mountains!!!

Mushroom advice:

Know where you are it private land? Ask permission!!
Take your time.
Enjoy yourself.

Happy Easter to all!!

Apr 8, 2009

CVS Sneak Peak Deal 4-19

Arm and Hammer 2x laundry detergent will be on sale for 2/$7, go to this link to get a $1.00 off coupon!!!!

Apr 7, 2009

Get-em while they're hot!!

I just found this tonight. $10 savings on ConAgra products such as Hunt's Ketchup(the website said you get a free 24 oz bottle w/ the coupon book), Orville Redenbacher's, Chef Boyardee, etc. There's also a printable rebate form on this page to get more coupons as well. ConAgra coupon book

Free Re-usable Kroger Shopping Bag!!

Go to and play with the "design a bag"...once you submit, your Kroger card will be loaded with a e-coupon good for a free shopping bag on your next visit!! Free is good, recycling is better!!!

Apr 6, 2009

Re-purposing food

Would I buy Sargento Salad Finishers? The normal price is $3.99. I don't think I would at that price...but, when Kroger sells them for 2/$4 and then I have $1 Q's...making my price a dollar a bag, well then...Yes I Would!!! But wait, there's more!!! There is also a TMF rebate out, now I can get a $2.00 rebate!!! I bought the Pecan Cranberry flavor. It comes with a package of Asiago cheese and a package of dried cranberries and pecans. We used the nut/berry package in with our oatmeal!!! Let's all say YUMMO!!! Then we used the cheese with some pasta we had for dinner! Now that is a great re-purpose!!!


Did some shoping on 4/4, got about $75.00 worth of stuff for $0.46!! Bought the Brita water filter using the Q I got from Publix. The single filter was $8.99...but the 3 pack was on sale for $14.99!!! Such a deal!

I got a CTR from "the Boyfriend" for buy $20.00 worth of cosmetics get $10.00 off...coupled with the Cover Girl deal this week and the Q's that came out in Sunday's paper....looks like CVS is going to be paying me to get makeup again!!!

I am also putting together a deal for the Olay ECB deal. I am going to be using the high dollar Q's that we got as part of the buy $50.00 worth of P&G items get $120.00 in Q's (this was a deal back in 2008 or early 2009)

To sweeten the deal I will do the CoverGirl and Olay deals together and use a buy $50.00 get $10.00 off CTR!!! Wish me luck!!

Apr 2, 2009

Kroger Deal

McCormick Grilling Seasoning is supposed to be on the 10/$10 sale....with the recent $1.00 off Q we got = FREE!!! (It was 7...then I did some "recycling" and found 2 more Q's and got 2 more!!

Plus, Celestial Seasoning Tea was on, heres the deal

reg price, $3.19 sale price $1.59 - $1 Q = $0.59 a box!!! Score! got 10 boxes!!

Kroger Deal

McCormick Grilling Seasoning is supposed to be on the 10/$10 sale....with the recent $1.00 off Q we got = FREE!!!