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Aug 20, 2009

Thank you!!

A shout out to my wonderful husband. Thank you for bringing me home some coupons!!!

Aug 19, 2009

Smithfield Bacon Deal!!

Word has it that Smithfield bacon is on a BOGO sale at Kroger. (I am told that it is 2/$4.99) If you go to Smithfield and look at the top of the page where it say "sign up" you can sign in and get their e-newletters...but wait!! after you sign in you are directed to get a $3.00 IP!!! (which you can print 2 times!!!) couple this with the E-Coupon from the Smithfield E-coupon site and the math looks like this:

2 bacon for $4.99
- 2 IP -$6.00
- E-Q -$0.75
Make $1.76!!!


Aug 12, 2009

Aug 10, 2009

Yo-Plus dealio!

Here is what I have planned:
Buy Yo-plus use the $.50 (doubled at Kroger) Q that came out 8-9 and load the E-Q from for another $1 off then use this form to get another Q for a FREE package of Yo-Plus!!! Such a deal!!

Aug 8, 2009

Hong Kong House

GREAT!!! If you make it to Knoxville, treat yourself to Hong Kong House on Kingston Pike!! A vacation for your mouth!

Aug 4, 2009

Ok....It isn't like I NEED more Swiffer....

But if I can work this into a Target or CVS deal....YOU Bet Cha!! ( I turning into Sara?)
Swiffer MIR

Oh the places we will go....

So this past weekend was the mother/daughter shop-a-thon!! Jenn and I had a blast!! Here is a very brief synopsis:

Went to Sam's for some olive oil (yea, at my house we really can go thru a gallon!!) got some fruit too!
Went to Walmart, only because they sell WhiteCloud TP and I was able to use my $1 Q's and get 7 4pks for $7. We also found some centrium vitamins for $3 a bottle and when paired with $5/2 q's made for cheapo vits!!
Target: just saying the word makes me happy!! I LOVE the travel/trial sizes!! Got 12 trial size Crest Advance Seal whitestrips for zippo!! That is the equivalent almost 2 full size boxes that would have cost $90.00!!! Oh the shear joy of it!! There were more deals to be had, such as free trial size" Tide, All, Olay Quench, Pantene & St. Ives!!! In the end I spent $10.48 ($9.93 was tax) and got $120.00 in goodies to bring home and share!!
Kroger: let the pillaging continue!! I got $180.00 worth of goodies for $28.10!! Highlights: CoverGirl was part of the P&G $4 of 4 sale. Got tons of great makeup that can be donated to shelters!! Free Listerine pocket pacs, part of the $10/10 sale matched up with Q's!! Free Kiwi shoe laces!! Oh, and yes, the curse of the Glade Plugins is back!!: $1.99-BOGO Q = $1 each, get a $1 OYNO Cat = FREE!!!!!
CVS: School Suppies!! need I say anything more?? I also had to break down and get 2 more Olay products so that I could send in my Olay $20 MIR form!!

And as if all of this was not more fun than 2 girls can stand, Jim spoiled us rotten!! Gourmet 5 cheese Mac-n-Cheese, homemade mango sorbet, Ribeye Steaks, Homemade Cinnabons!!! It was a good thing we ran around as much as we did!!!