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Jan 24, 2010

Kroger Glade Deal

Noticed yesterday that the Glade Oil Candle Tins are on sale at Kroger for $1.74...find some of your old coupons that we found in Candle Tins late last year and match them with Blinkies for buy a Candle get a FREE end up with the Candle and a refill for between $0 - $.24!!! Such a deal!

Jan 14, 2010


Go to HCW and get some Free Healthy Choice meals!!...5 for Free!!

ok...can't get the link to work...but if you go to Hot Coupon World...check then Kroger South East is worth the hunt!!

Jan 10, 2010

Free Pasta!!

Remember those blinkies we got at Food Lion for .50 off Ronzoni? Well, I for one never used mine because I could never find free pasta at Kroger....until now!! This week Ronzoni is on the 10 for $10 deal.....viola!! Free Pasta!!

Also, I have found that I really like Dannon Activia with fiber....and this week it is on sale for $1.88, add that to the fact that this weekend there is a $1.oo coupon.... = CHEAP!!

Jan 1, 2010

New Years Deals

Last the P&G insert there was a $1 Q for Tide, take that to Target and get a FREE trial size Tide = Free Load of Laundry!! There is also out there a Q for $2 off Snuggle...take those to Walmart and get a FREE box of Snuggle Dryer Sheets!! Last weekend there was also a $1 Q off of Ivory Soap....I believe (have not confirmed) that you can get a free 3pack of soap at either Kroger or CVS!!

Here's to the very best in 2010!! My prayer is for peace and love to all!!