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Jul 31, 2010

The Pillaging of Kroger

Ah the joy of legal pillaging!!! Let's take a look at some great deals:

13 FREE 3/pks of Ivory Soap Bars

19 FREE Speed Stick Deo.

15 FREE Suave Deo.

8 FREE bottles of Old Spice Body Wash (actually made some $$ on this one with E-coupons)

4 FREE bottles of Gillette Body Wash

8 FREE Crest Toothpaste

9 24/pks of Crayons (made $1.75 on these)

and a bottle of Dr. Pepper icecream topper...(made $1.01 on this with e-coupons and OYNO cat)

also got 7 pkgs of Bounty Super Rolls for a buck a package!!!

Kroger thank you for the P&G Mega Sale!! loved it!!
one more bonus...gained 185 gas points and only spent $70, so we saved another .40 on each gallon of gas!!

Jul 14, 2010

Better than free MotrinPM

At Kroger

Part of the Mega Sale = MotrinPM - $3.00
$3.00 coupon from the 4-18-10 RP makes it free...
but, when you buy 10 of the items in the Mega Sale they take an additional $5.00 off for every 10 items, so if you buy 10 of those little make $5.00!! score!!!

Better than FREE!!

Try Neutrogena Clinical™ for free!

We are so confident that you will see younger looking skin with Neutrogena Clinical™ we want you to try it for free!
Purchase Neutrogena Clinical™ SPF 30, Night or Eye between 7/11/2010 - 7/18/2010 and receive a rebate for the full value of your purchase up to $40.00. To receive your rebate, mail in this completed rebate form along with your original dates sales receipt by 7/31/2010.


but wait...make $5.00 on the deal

May 24, 2010

May 24,2010

Happy Birthday Jim!!! I love you more every single day!! My birthday wish for you....May every day of your life be as happy as you have made every day of mine!!

I Love YOU!!

May 5, 2010

Score one for the little guy!!!

Ok, if a coupon says "good on ANY" it should be for ANY!!! see the letter I sent to Target...

Target Corporation

Good day Mr. XXXXXX, (the CEO of Target)
I find myself in the uncomfortable situation of needing to contact you and your corporation. I have been a loyal Target shopper. So much so that this past Christmas I gave every family member (over 20 people) sizable Target gift cards and had planned to do so again this year. If I added up the money I have spent at Target over the past few years it would easily reach into the thousands of dollars. I too am an avid coupon shopper. I appreciate the marketing technique that Target employs to attract shoppers such as myself. I enjoy using the coupons that manufactures supply to entice me to use their products. Today I attempted to use a coupon ($1.00 of ANY size Tide detergent) Please note, I have used this very coupon on dozens of occasions at this very location (XXXXX TN). Today, however was a different situation. I was told that, even though the coupon in no way stated that it could not be used on the single load size, I could not use this coupon. The supervisor stated “we have caught flack for accepting coupons for these.” If a coupon states it can only be used for a certain size, trial size excluded or any other limitation, I pride myself on being an ethical coupon user that would not abuse any employee or marketing technique. I was made to feel like a criminal today. I left the store feeling wronged so I called your customer service phone line. I was told that no one could help me with this matter and was informed that I would need to call back during “corporate business hours” (8-6 M-F) Incredible! I am saddened by this and feel the need to bring this to your attention. Enclosed you will find the 45 coupons that I wanted to use today. How sad it must be to lose a customer over $45.00 worth of merchandise for which you would have been reimbursed for face value plus $.08 per coupon. Target would have actually made more money on this transaction than if I had paid by any other means, as I know that had I paid by check, credit card or even cash that there is a higher processing fee. I started shopping at Target primarily because I wanted to support a company that I feel more ethically aligned with. I know I am only one person. I can only imagine that others are being treated like wise.
Very sincerely yours,

One more note, my neighbors are good enough to save me their coupons. Much of the time I am able to obtain items that I can in turn donate to homeless shelters, battered woman shelters and animal shelters.


May 3, 2010

How you can help

Come help the wildlife in the Gulf

Click Here

Apr 28, 2010

Kroger Deal!!

Kroger: Extend-A-Clean Sprayer FREEPosted on Apr 27 2010 By Jenny · Comments

Here’s another great catalina deal at Kroger!
Buy any Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer (Extend-A-Clean) for $7.99 get $3 off your next purchase. You can even use the $3 off, to get another sprayer!
**Deal Idea**Buy: (1) Power Sprayer $7.99Use: -$5 off Power Sprayer SS 4/11Total Due: $2.99Get Back: $3 coupon off your next purchase
If you want — Repeat and use manufacturer coupon and $3 off to make the next completely one free and then get another $3 off…

Mar 20, 2010

Today: spent $14.66
saved $133.42

Not bad huh?

Save A a free bag of Pepperoni (got the q from facebook)

Target... 2 trial size Tides
8 Johnsons/Johnsons to go (bandaide box)
2 boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
1 box of Kashi Heart to Heart crackers
Venus razor
Olay Body Wash

CVS (me)..Bayer Contour Meter
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste
CVS Paper Towel
Visine Advance Red
Cashews (filler, for my sweet Jim)

CVS (Jim) Bayer Contour Meter
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste
CVS Paper Towel
Visine Advance Red
2 Olay Body Washes
3 Cashews (fillers, and once again...Jim loves them)

Kroger 23 Gatoraide G2
3 Buddy Bars
Reeses King Size bar
1/2 milk
5 lbs of bread flour
can of black olives
green bell pepper

yes my friends...I got all of this for $14.66.....but, I also got back back about $25.oo in ECB's for next have just got to love it!!

Mar 10, 2010


Hot Deals!!! I am not a shopper of EarthFare, primarily because it is about 25 miles away, but.... I am making a trip to Knoxville this weekend to do a Sam's Club shop and I stumbled over some info for EarthFare. First, if you go to their site EarthFare you can score a 5lb bag-o-taters!!! (with any purchase) There is also a Q for $1 off per pound of Brisket!! Can you say YUMMY?? but wait, there is more, you can sign up for a pantry makeover and then can print off a Q for trading in your less than healthy food for EarthFare Organic versions!!! I will report back!!

Mar 5, 2010

Great Idea from Jennifer!!

In case you don't know this....I adore my daughter Jennifer!! She is a wonderful daughter and she is a very tallented and smart teacher. I bring this up because of a conversation we had this past week. Jennifer was telling me about the items she has placed in her "treasure box" at school. Items that include: Johnson's Buddy Bar soaps and travel sized toothpaste (both we got for FREE using coupons) My thought here: if you have homeless items, why not find a teacher and donate them?! Teachers spend more money out of pocket than most realize. I also think that it is great that hygeine items are a big hit with the kids!! Way to go Jennifer!!!

Jan 24, 2010

Kroger Glade Deal

Noticed yesterday that the Glade Oil Candle Tins are on sale at Kroger for $1.74...find some of your old coupons that we found in Candle Tins late last year and match them with Blinkies for buy a Candle get a FREE end up with the Candle and a refill for between $0 - $.24!!! Such a deal!

Jan 14, 2010


Go to HCW and get some Free Healthy Choice meals!!...5 for Free!!

ok...can't get the link to work...but if you go to Hot Coupon World...check then Kroger South East is worth the hunt!!

Jan 10, 2010

Free Pasta!!

Remember those blinkies we got at Food Lion for .50 off Ronzoni? Well, I for one never used mine because I could never find free pasta at Kroger....until now!! This week Ronzoni is on the 10 for $10 deal.....viola!! Free Pasta!!

Also, I have found that I really like Dannon Activia with fiber....and this week it is on sale for $1.88, add that to the fact that this weekend there is a $1.oo coupon.... = CHEAP!!

Jan 1, 2010

New Years Deals

Last the P&G insert there was a $1 Q for Tide, take that to Target and get a FREE trial size Tide = Free Load of Laundry!! There is also out there a Q for $2 off Snuggle...take those to Walmart and get a FREE box of Snuggle Dryer Sheets!! Last weekend there was also a $1 Q off of Ivory Soap....I believe (have not confirmed) that you can get a free 3pack of soap at either Kroger or CVS!!

Here's to the very best in 2010!! My prayer is for peace and love to all!!