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Jan 31, 2009

1-31-09 Shopping Trip!

Just a quicky here!!

Bought 11 bars of the elusive Almay Soap!! @ .99 each
used 11 $1.00 coupons...
Got back a $5.00 ECB for buying $10.00 in Almay!!
(also got a $10.00 ECB for a survey I did for CVS earlier in the month)

Bought 5 Gillette Body Washes (8.4oz size) On sale for $2.00 each
used 5 $2.00 coupons... FREE

Found some of the Quaker Rice Cakes Minis still on the 10/10 sale
used $1.00.... 4 bages FREE
Bought 6 cans of Glade Air Fresheners on sale for .67
used 3 of the $1/2 coupons
part of a mega deal saved $3.00
GOT PAID $1.98 to bring them home!!

JoeCat Update: Doing good today...eating more!!

Jan 30, 2009

One more thing on my mind today.....

Please keep my little JoeCat in your prayers. We love him dearly. He has been so sick lately. The vet (for all of you in the Knoxville area....I really can't speak highly enough of Dr. Bihl at Volunteer Veterinary Hospital. He is wonderful!!) has told us that JoeCat most likely has cancer. We are doing all we can to make JoeCat's time here with us as meaningful as possible. He is doing better I discovered that if I hold him while he eats..and rub his belly...he seems to eat more!! Who would have known!?!

In the mail bag today.

I make it a habit to contact at least a few companies a day. I let them know how much I like their (fill in the blank)

Today I got from 4 $.50 coupons for assorted Italian food products!! YUMMY!

And, from my wonderful daughter....a "care package" with a set of last week's coupons and a pair of WONDERFUL socks!! They are spotted. She has informed me that March 2, 2009 is Dr. Seuss Day!! I am going to wear my socks that day in honor of one of me and my daughter's favorite books..."Put me in the Zoo"

The surprise $50.00 CVS Card!

have been in BuzzAgent for a couple of years now. I totally never kept track of the MyPoints that were earned from this. Low and behold, yesterday I checked. I have over 7200 points...enough to get a $50 CVS gift card!! So here's the plan.... (get used to the dots, I type the way I think!)

When I get my card, I plan to see just how much I can get for this $50.00. Using ECB's and goal is to get at least $500.00 by the end of 2009!!


Welcome to my blog. My hope here is to list some of the great coupon deals I take advantage of. My name is Paula....but to many I am simply "Moma" (pronounced with a long O) Some day I will tell you the story of the name!!