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Oct 24, 2009

Oct 22, 2009

Life is tooo short to not have.....

Halloween Lights!!!

I really like this....

Face to the Sun"by Bob Perks

There had been a series of cold, bitter nights.
When I learned that they were coming,
I spent about half an hour saying goodbye.

I had personally gotten so much more from them than I gave.
The time it took for me to water and feed them was little compared to the joy they gave me.

So, as I always do, I paid homage to what God had provided.

I said goodbye to my flowers.

Some of you may stop reading here thinking me a foolish old man.

The truth is I am.
I am a fool for all things beautiful, living and an even bigger fool for God.

I'll admit there was a time when I felt silly doing this.
I'd look around hoping no one could see me.
But I had a revelation on my 59th birthday that said to live exactly the way I want to and feel no particular obligation to defend it to anyone.

In early spring, long before the last frost I placed
bags over the flowers we planted much too early.
I did it every night untilit was safe.
I struggled with it now, but this frost will turn into winter and eventually death wins out.

I began that evening at the flower box just outside our door and continued up the walkway and around our tiny pond. Stooping down next to the plant I touched each flower and said thanks.

The next morning I was sad to discover many of the flowers had died from the frost.

All of the flowers that were big and tall were now limp and dead. They were the ones that stretched to face the sun each day.

It was then I realized something important.

I would rather die with my face to the sun than live in the shadows of life.

"I wish you enough!"

Oct 7, 2009

2 tips!!

Snuggle 70count dryer sheets @ Family Dollar selling for $3..use $3 Q and get for tax!!

Purina Friskies Natural Sensation Cat Treats @ Dollar you can get them free with the recent FREE q!!

Oct 1, 2009

I'm BAAAAACK......

Ok, so i was never gone...but blogging has just not been in my heart. I havent done any really killer deals...but, I do have 2 tips

my "sources" say that there is a blinkie coming to Food Lion for .50 off pasta (sorry, can't remember brand) that will double when brought to Kroger and make for free pasta!!

they is a rebate on any 3 items and get $5 back. My plan is to go to Target and get candle tins, using $1.50 q's ...pretty much spend less than .60 and get back $ news of can do the rebate 3 times!!!

oops, one more tip...using the $1 q for Tide from the last P&G = Free trial size Tide @ Target!!