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Sep 6, 2009

Acu Hoop Update

I have been "Hooping" for less than 2 weeks and I have already lost over 1 inch!!! Love this thing!!!

Hong Kong House

We went to Hong Kong House in Knoxville again yesterday. The food was once again incredible. I also want to make note of the service. We were greeted upon entering and seated at once. My very favorite part of the whole meal was when I was speaking with a woman who I am guessing was one of the owners while I was looking at the buffet. She asked if I was enjoying the meal. I told her that eating at HongKong House was more like taking a trip to a foreign country than eating at a restaurant. I also told her that our trip to HongKong House took us about 40 miles!! She looked at me and smiled, then she gave me a hug!! You just don't get that kind of service at a chain restaurant!! I am a patron for as long as they will feed me!!

Sep 1, 2009

Acu Hoop!!

So much fun!! Once again, I have my wonderful daughter to thank for turning me on to something wonderful! I got my Acu Hoop thru Amazon . I LOVE IT!! It gives you a great work out and I can do it in the comfort of my own home!! I will keep you updated with my progress, as the items claims that if you use it as recommended, you will loose 2 inches off your waist monthly until you are fit!!