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Mar 31, 2009

What a mail day!!!

Thank you Jennifer!!! Got my "new" laptop. How wonderful. Thank you for great smellies and Cheerios too!!!


Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Starter Kit
GDA SALE: 2.99 MQ: IP HERE $2.75
2.99 - 2.75 (IP) = $0.24,

This deal is good this week (3/29-4/4)

Mar 28, 2009


Hot Deal Alert...

Here's the scoop. If you go to the Publix market website, you can sign up for their FREE magazine. It has great recipes and some really good coupons. This month there was a $5.00 off Q for a Brita filter. I found single filters at CVS for $8.99 (I think, I will update price when confirmed) $3.99 is a great price....and when you couple that with the eco-benifits of is a no brainer!!!

Mar 26, 2009

Fun Stuff

First, I get an email from CVS telling me I have my choice of a reusable shopping bag or a roll of paper towels...then I get an email from Buzzagent with an early invite for Loreal Line Eraser!! Oh happiness!! I love being able to try things for free!!

Mar 25, 2009

The only thing better.....

Then getting stuff for being able to get free things with your most favorite daughter!!! I really believe that the greatest gift I have is the fact that my 2 most favorite people in the world just happen to be my daughter and my husband!!

Mar 24, 2009

Chance to win!

Give it a might win!

Mar 23, 2009

Contacting Companies

A special thank-you/shout out to my online mentor Vanessa . She has taught me much about contacting companies for coupons!! In todays mail I got

2 $1.00 off coupons for Thomas' English Muffins
2 FREE Tofutti coupons (good for any Tofutti Product)
2 $1.00 off Tofutti Q
2 $.55 off Tofutti Q
2 $.30 off Tofutti Q

It is a great thing to spend less that 2 minutes emailing a company and telling them what you like or don't like so much about a product and getting $$ for your efforts!! It is also a great way to try new things, or things that might be cost prohibitive.

For the Memory of JoeCat

How's this for doing some fun that is also something good? I "bought" 26 bags of Wisker Lickin's using coupons and discounts from Kroger and was able to donate them to the Volunteer Vet. Hospital.

I was also able to give 3 of my neighbors some free Country Crock Spread due to getting them for FREE!!!

Pay it forward when ever you are given the chance.

Mar 18, 2009


Lately it has been hard to get excited about Kroger. However, having said that...I have found 2 things to get really jazzed about

Both Wisker Lickin's and Country Crock with calcium are part of the buy 10 get $5.00 deal....when you combine these with the $1/2 q for WL and the $.50 for CC = FREE STUFF!!

Mar 16, 2009


Here is a quicky,

Irish spring Bodywash
6 packages of Peeps
2 cans of Glade Air Freshener

$7 in ECBS
$1 coupon for Irish Spring
1 BOGO Q for Glade
1 $1 CRT for Glade

$0.11 (on CVS gift card, new balance is $18.23 left)

$4.99 ECB for Irish Spring
$1.00 ECB for Glade.

Mar 11, 2009

This week @ Kroger

This week my favorite deal is the Fiber One Chewy Bars and Nature Valley Granola Bars.
Both are on sale for $2.49
Buy 10 get $5.00 off
Use $.50 Q (1 for each box, doubled)
Ending Price = $1.09 per box!!

also, in the makeup bag I got yesterday in the mail, there was a $1.00 Q for Irish Spring bar soap that is also part of the $5.00 off 10 sale. With this coupon = Free Soap!! Just one more thing for the donatable box!!

History of the Traveling Quarter Box

As you may or may not know, I work in a bank. I also can not stand waste. Having said this, let me tell you... Quarter boxes make great shipping boxes!!! So much so, that my daughter and I have sent the same quarter box back and forth across Tennessee via the postal system at least 4 times. Each time I find the "quarter box" in my mail box, I know that there will be smiles enclosed!! Today I opened the quarter box to find: delicious Sees dark chocolates!! a bottle of Aussie 3 minute DEEP miracle, a wonderful Kermit (or should I say Ker-Mit?) St. Paddy's day card, cause it's not easy being green, unless you are Kermit!! and last weeks Memphis area coupons!! Thanks Pup!!

If you can find a family member or friend from another area....start trading coupon inserts!! It is a great way to get different Q's!!

Mar 10, 2009

Surprise Mail

Today I got a make-up bag full of P&G items. I barely remember doing this deal, something about buying $20.00 worth of P&G items, if memory serves me right I think I bought something like 12 bottles of Palmolive Clean and Pure dish soap, using 12 $.075 coupons of course!! In any event, it is a nice surprise to get a box in the mail!! The items in contained are going to a womans shelter near Cherokee NC!! Spread the love!!

Mar 7, 2009

Smokin' the CVS deals again!!!

There is just something altogether fun about walking into a store. Going around placing fun things that you normally would not buy into your shopping cart....then going to the cashier and handing her some paper (ECB's, that CVS gave you in the first place) and $0.13 (that you pay with the gift card you got by giving your opinions to Buzzagent) and walking out of the store with approx. $60.00 worth of goods!!! But WAIT, There's more!!! I got back $20.00 in ECB's and I will be getting a rebate for $6.99!!! Life is Good!!!! Lets look at the details:

Ensure on sale for $6.99 used $3.00 coupon and then sending back for Rebate
Gillette Gamer Razor on sale for $7.99 - $4.00Q get $4.00 ECBs
16 Atkins bars @ 1.69 = $27.04 - $8.00Q get $10.00 ECBs
3 Renuzit Tri-Scents @ 5.49 = $16.47 - $12.00Q get $6.00 ECBs

I just love getting paid to buy things!!
Side note: The people at the new CVS in Alcoa TN are very friendly!!!

Mar 2, 2009

Mail Call:

Got a check for $1.99 for a rebate on Aquafresh Toothpaste
Got a mailer from Pillbury with $10.00 worth of coupons in it!!
Kikkoman sent me a mailer with asian recipes!!