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May 28, 2009

Free Kool-Aid @ Kroger

Kroger: FREE Kool-Aid and Country Time Drink Mixes Money Maker

It just wouldn’t feel like summer without a pitcher of Kool-Aid in the refrigerator. I always halve the sugar in it, and the kids don’t even notice the difference.
So what could be better than FREE Kool-Aid?
Kool-Aid Drink Mix Packets, $0.10$0.50/10 Kool-Aid printableFREE after coupon!*
I bet you can get a similar deal at any store that doubles coupons
Thanks, Frugal In Virginia!
Also, print the $1.50/2 Country Time Drink Mixes printable at the same time to take advantage of a moneymaker with Catalina promotion starting 5/29. This coupon may not be available after 5/31, so be sure to print now if you think you want to take advantage of this promotion!
Country Time Drink Mixes, $1$1.50/2 Country Time Drink Mixes printableBetter than FREE wyb 2 after coupon and Catalina!
Catalina promotion: Buy 2 Country Time drink mixes between 5/29 and 6/11, and you will get a $1 Catalina good on you next order.

May 22, 2009

CVS W/O 5-24 Dealios!

Thanks to Surviving the Stores for these great deals!!

Ideal Sugar Substitute

This looks like it is worth a try...especially if you can use a BOGO Q!!!

May 21, 2009

The CVS Holy Grail???

For the Love of CVS....look what I have found for you all today!!!!!


there are links there to $$/$$ coupons!!! My oh my what a PIE!!!!

May 15, 2009

If you subscribe to All You read on.....

I received numerous comments and complaints last month about how ALL YOU magazine has been offering additional coupon inserts in the newstand issues leaving out faithful subscribers. Many of you wrote to ALL YOU customer service, and I’m happy to share that your efforts were not in vain!
ALL YOU took notice and has issued a response:
We are currently reviewing our policies about accepting coupon advertising, with a goal of more closely aligning the coupon value in our newsstand and subscriber editions. Because we work several months in advance, however, the newsstand edition of the June issue includes an extra booklet with $12.50 worth of coupons. The two editions are otherwise the same in terms of coupon value.
ALL YOU is offering subscribers the chance to receive the extra insert at no cost when you email
Include the following info in your email:
1) Your account number, found on the mailing label just above your name and address. It is nine digits and is usually located between two asterisks, for example *123456789*
2) Your name and address as it appears on the mailing label
3) Your e-mail address
4) A specific mention that you are looking for the “Coupon book from the June issue of ALL YOU”

Thank you Deal Seeking Mom for this info

Free Pizza

Starting at 12:00 a.m. EST on May 18th, the first 100,000 people to register will receive a coupon for a FREE DiGiorno Flatbread Melts single-serve pizza.
Limit one coupon per household, address, or email address.

Update on Home Depot Do-it-herself clinic

Home Depot
Thanks to my friends at HCW, here's a great tip for all you gardeners!!HOT - Home Depot's doing another FREE Do-It-Herself clinic - this time, focused on Gardening! What could be better? The focus is on container and veggie gardening! If you're not even growing container foods for your family this year, you need to get in there and do it - it's a great way to reduce food costs. LINK TO OFFERThis is a great way to get some advice and to get your soil tested!!!

Jim and I went last night and had a blast!! I learned that I need to thatch my grass and we got great advice about organic gardening and organice pest removal!! Great Job Gayle!!!


Last night I smoked Target!!

5 bliss bars
3 kraft bbq sauce
3 kraft salad dressing
10 vitamin waters
2 triscuits2 wheat thins
5 quaker granola bars
6 boxes of swiffer sweeper refill
came to about $75.00
after Q's = 30.59
paid with Gift Cards = $5.00 + $5.00 + $12.29
Balance = $8.30
Got Back $15.00 in Gift CardsSending for $10.00 MIR for Swiffer!!!

A shout out to the Target in Alcoa. After reading how horrible Target is with coupons, I was a bit intrepid...but Jeannette (my cashier) was GREAT!!! Love a great shopping experience!!

May 14, 2009

Southern Savers

Wow...this looks like another great site!!!

Southern Savers

I have also saved this site to my list of favorites!!!

Don't forget Free Chocolate Fridays!!

Free Chocolate?
Free Chocolate Friday from Mars incThere are coupons in today's USA today for a free Mars Candy bar AND every Friday from now thru September they will give 250,000 free chocolate bar coupons away each Friday.Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act
Posted by Moma, aka Paula Higgins at 7:09 AM 0 comments

Do a good thing...

At Kroger get:

Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats - $4.29
Use <$2.50> 04/19 RP
= $1.79 &
Use <$2.50> Shortcuts e-coupon
= +$0.71
(Don’t need this?? Get it anyway and donate it to your local shelter)

CVS week of 05-24

Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal Moneymaker at CVS
by Stephanie on May 1, 2009
Post Trail Mix Crunch is on sale for $2.50 at CVS . There is a $2 off 1 Printable Coupon (Thanks Lucy!) that you can print twice, PLUS there is a new $1.50 off 2 Trail Mix Crunch e-Coupon at Upromise. Use all three coupons to get 2 boxes free + a 50¢ profit!
Here’s how:
Buy (2) Post Trail Mix $2.50 ea. = $5Use (2) $2/1 Printable CouponsPay $1Earn $1.50 for College with Upromise!
If your store is out, remember to get a raincheck! The cereal is advertised on the back page of the ad. Print your $2 coupon now, and the Upromise coupon is good all month!
If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my FREE updates!

Thanks to Surviving CVS
Note: I was able to print 3 coupons!!

May 13, 2009

Did you know.....

Interesting Egg Fact
Did you know that a traditional chef's hat is called a toque? (Toque is pronounced like tow with a hard k sound at the end.) The toque dates back to the 16th Century when hats were common in many trades. Different heights of different toques indicated rank within a kitchen. The symbolism of the 100 folds of the toque are said to represent the 100 different ways a chef knows how to cook an egg. Ok, so the Eggland's Best website doesn't have quite 100 ways to cook an egg yet, but you can find out how to Cook A Perfect Egg. Click here to find out how.

May 12, 2009

Target Deals 5/10 - 5/16

Target Deals - 5/10 - 5/16
Posted: 11 May 2009 06:08 PM PDT
Wow! This should be a great week at Target with all of the Kraft coupons we were able to print out today! Here are the best deals for this week:
Gift Card Deals:Buy 2 Swiffer products, Get a $5 Target Gift Card!
Buy 2 Swiffer Refills @ $4.04 eachPay $8.08 out of pocketGet back a $5
Gift CardUse the gift card to do the same transaction again
Pay $3.08 out of pocketGet back a $5 Gift CardUse the gift card to do the same transaction AGAIN
Pay $3.08 out of pocketGet back a $5 Gift Card
You will have paid $14.24 out of pocket, and you will have a $5 Gift
Card leftover THEN, submit for the $10 Mail In Rebate HERE when you buy six Swiffer products HERE. (Items must be purchased by 5/15/09)76¢ Money-maker after gift cards and Mail In rebate!

Deals using the Kraft coupons:
NOTE: All of the printable coupons for these deals are from the Kraft coupon post from earlier today.
If you have already printed these, you will just need to print out the Target coupons.
Buy 2 Easy Mac and Cheese Single Serve Cups - 77¢ eachUse B1G1 coupon HERE or from the 5/3 Parade MagazineAND use $1/1 printable couponFREE plus possible overage after coupons

Kraft BBQ Sauce - 99¢ (store prices may vary)Use $1/1 printable couponFREE after coupon!

Kraft Salad Dressing - $1.59 eachUse $1/2 Target printable couponUse TWO $1.50/1 coupons from the 5/10 insertor use TWO $1/1 printable couponsFREE - 9¢ each after coupons!

Buy 1 Crystal Light Drink Mix AND 1 Crystal Light Skin Essentials @ $2.99 eachUse $1/1 printable couponAND Use Buy 1 Crystal Light, Get Crystal Light Essentials FREE printable couponAND Use TWO $1/1 Target printable couponGet both for FREE after coupons!

Triscuit Crackers - $2.04 (the small boxes)Use $1/1 Target printable couponUse $1/1 printable coupons4¢ each after coupons!

Wheat Thin Crackers - $2.04Use $1/1 Target printable couponUse $1/1 printable coupons4¢ each after coupons!

Kraft Mayo - $1.99 each (buy two)Use $1/2 Target printable couponUse TWO $1/1 printable coupons49¢ each after coupons

Ritz Crackers - $2.50 eachUse $1/1 Target printable couponUse $1/1 printable coupons50¢ each after coupons

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs - 2/$3.00Use $1/2 Target printable couponUse $1/2 printable coupons50¢ each after coupons!

Kraft CheeseUse $1/2 Target printable couponUse $1/2 printable couponsPrice varies after coupons

Thank you to my friends at Surviving the Stores!!

May 11, 2009

A wonderful weekend!!

Jim and I had a wonderful weekend!! Here is a brief re-cap:

Got some great deals @ CVS including 3 boxes of Mini-Wheats for $-.33!! (yup...the paid me for taking them home!! Math: 3/$10 - $3.33(bogo) - $1.00 x 2 Q's = $4.67 get $5.00ECB!!
also got some free toothpaste!!

@ Target got 9 Bliss Chocolate bars for zippo!! Got 4 bags of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix for .49 a bag and got 2 Glade Soy candles for $-1.21!! Yup...paying me to buy more stuff!! (math: 5.79 x 2 = $11.59 - Free Coupon from Glade - 5.79 , - $1 coupon from Target - $1.00 man Q = $3.79 plus they gave me a $5.00 Gift card!!

Had some fun at Kroger too!! The most fun of all though was as I was walking out of the store something caught my to the circular display, someone had left a "buy $60.00 get $6.00, I trotted right back in...and they gave me the $6.00 plus tax ($7.11) You have just got to love it!!!

Jim spoiled me rotten too!! We made some delish homemade Strawberry Jam!! I got a beautiful BirdBath!!

My sweet daughter gave me the best mother's day gift that a mom could ever get...she gave me the gift of a daughter I can be proud of!!

May 7, 2009

Target Freebies!!

Posted: 07 May 2009 07:17 AM PDT
I was so happy to get out of the house and head to Target for some great freebies! You can print the coupons you need here for these transactions. The Chex and Bliss were both 99¢ each and the apples were 99¢/ lb and about two apples makes a pound.8 Chex mix 99¢ each used $1 coupon (adjusted down)8 Bliss candy bars 99¢ each used $1 coupon (adjusted down)8 lbs apples 99¢/lb used $1 couponsOOP ZERO!!!!

Thanks to Jane4girls

Free Chocolate?

Free Chocolate Friday from Mars inc
There are coupons in today's USA today for a free Mars Candy bar AND every Friday from now thru September they will give 250,000 free chocolate bar coupons away each Friday.Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

Kindness to our furry friends....

I went to walmart last night and i found hartz cat treat trial sized for .98 and there were hartz coupons for these not excluding trial sized for 1.00 off...also they had in the coupons 1.00 off any hartz product so i scanned to look for dollar items and they had flea and tick spray for cats .98 so that would be free also! so i was thinking if you have multiples of these hartz coupons dont let them go to waste even if you cant use them..donate the stuff im sure there are other hartz products for around a dollar at different stores so keep your eye sure shelters will take anything a toy,treats,flea stuff whatever..just a thought i personally bought at least 15 of the treats and four of the sprays..ill keep a couple of the treats for my cat and my moms but the rest im donating and im stopping at another walmart to see what they have to use up the rest of the couponsthanks for reading hopefully you will find some great ways to use these before they expire either for your pets or someone else i hate to see them go to waste!

Thank you to Jillynoodle (don't you just love that name??) @ HCW

Update: Some of the Q's used for this deal have expired, however having said that there are always pet Q's out there that we can use for this worthy cause!!

May 6, 2009

The 9 things you should always buy with coupons...

Thanks to RedPlum for this story

Read on to find out which items it makes the most sense to stockpile, and how much you can expect to save.
1) Paper products: (paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue) “You generally save 25-50 percent with coupons, but you can save more from time-to-time”, says Turner.
2) Over-the-Counter Medications: Pharmacies often run rebate programs, which can save you up to 100 percent of the purchase price, says Turner.
3) First Aid Items: Expect to save 25-75 percent off the full price of first aid products with a coupon.
4) Razors: The key to getting huge discount on items like razors is to combine coupons with drugstore loyalty programs, advises Tara Kuczykowsk, who runs a blog called Deal Seeking Mom. “For example, last week you could have purchased Gillette Fusion Gamer Razors at CVS for $7.99. There was a coupon in Sunday’s paper for $4 off one of these razors, and when you purchased it using your CVS ExtraCare card you earned $4 in ExtraCare Bucks that you could use on any item in the store”, she says. (Keep an eye out for great printable coupons for health and beauty products here on RedPlum.)
5) Toothbrushes and Toothpaste: According to Kuczykowski it’s often possible to find deals of 50-100 percent off these items.
6) Salad Dressing: Look to save 50-75 percent off with coupons – “especially if you have a store that doubles coupons”, advises Melissa Garcia, publisher of Consumer Queen.
7) Cereal: You can save 50-75 percent off cereal with sales and coupons. Garcia recommends looking for coupons in the paper and online, along with coupons on the actual box that can be used for other items. (And don't forget your mailbox and e-mail inbox for additional RedPlum deals.)
8) Frozen Veggies: Expect to save 50-100 percent. According to Garcia, frozen veggies can often be found for much less than their canned brethren because they run sales and coupons regularly.
9) Pet Food: Turner says it’s common to save 25-50 percent with pet food coupons, although sometimes you’ll find “Try Me Free” coupons on pet food, which is when she suggests stashing even more.

The only thing better than cheese.....

Is FREE cheese!!!

Here's the deal!!

"Alouette® Baby Brie Wedge" Rebate Offer
Official Mail-In Redemption Form(Not Payable at the Retail Store)
Here's how to receive your cash back rebate (up to $6.49 before taxes):
1) PURCHASE ANY ONE (1) OF THE FOLLOWING ALOUETTE® PRODUCTS: Alouette® Baby Brie Wedge 7oz, Alouette® Smoked Baby Brie Wedge 7oz. Click here for full list of participating products
2) COLLECT the original itemized store-identified cash register receipt(s) dated between 04/01/2009 and 12/31/2009 on which you have circled the item description and the purchase price, and the proof-of-purchase symbol (UPC Symbol). The UPC should be carefully removed from each product, once the product package is empty.
3) PRINT AND COMPLETE this mail-in form, including your name and complete mailing address (city, state, zip code), daytime phone number and email address (if you have one).
4) MAIL ALL OF THE ABOVE postmarked by 01/15/2010 to: Alouette Baby Brie Wedge Rebate Offer, PO Box 23320, Rochester, NY 14692-3320.
5) TERMS & CONDITIONS. Products must be purchased between 04/01/2009 and 12/31/2009. Offer requests must be postmarked by 01/15/2010 and received by 01/22/2010. Allow 6-8 weeks for verification and delivery of rebate by mail. Only original rebate certificates, cash register receipt(s) and proofs-of-purchase from the eligible package sizes and brands will be accepted; no photocopies allowed and no other package sizes or brands will be accepted. All cash register receipts and proofs-of-purchase are subject to verification, and will not be returned. Limit; one rebate per person, per address, and per envelope is allowed. Fraud detection devices may be used to determine eligibility, and Sponsor may prosecute offenders, at their discretion. No responsibility is assumed by Sponsor for lost, late, misdirected, illegible, incomplete or postage-due requests. Ineligible, incomplete or illegible requests will not be returned. No groups, clubs or organizations may participate in this offer or reproduce or distribute this form or any portion thereof to its' members. Retain a copy of this certificate and your sales receipt(s) for your records. Employees of BC-USA, Inc., its parent company, subsidiaries, divisions and affiliates, suppliers, distributors and agencies are not eligible for this offer. Offer valid only in USA and for legal residents, age 18 and older. This certificate has no cash value. Void where prohibited by law

Try Me Free Participating Products
Alouette® Baby Brie Wedge 7oz
Alouette® Smoked Baby Brie Wedge 7oz
Alouette® Baby Brie Original 13.2 oz.
Alouette® Baby Brie With Herbs 13.2 oz.
Alouette® Baby Brie Original 8 oz
Alouette® Creme De Brie Fine Herbs 5 oz.
Alouette® Creme De Brie Regular 5 oz.
Alouette® Creme De Cheddar Original 5 oz.
Alouette® Creme De Havarti Garlic & Herbs 5 oz.
Alouette® Creme De Parmesan Original 5 oz.
Alouette® Creme De Swiss Original 5 oz.
Alouette® Reserve Baby Brie 8 oz.

May 5, 2009

Customer Service

A quick shout out to the ladies and gents at the CVS on Halls Road in Alcoa!! How nice is it to walk into a place of business and be greated by name??? Alisha (hope I spelled that right) is so much fun!! She gets such a kick out of my deals. As a "couponer", sometimes I get the feeling that the stores think I am trying to take them for a ride. Not "my" CVS!! They really provide "5 Star Customer Service"

May 4, 2009

New Sites

Found some more great sites!!!
BeCentsAble has some great tips!!
Couponing101 is really easy to use and find deals
Frugal Coupon Living also is a great place to find deals!!