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Better living through the use of coupons!!

Dec 26, 2009


A few quick thoughts....

First and foremost, Having my family with me this week has been the best gift I could have ever asked for. We had a zero stress, great food and lots of love!! Thank you!!

This week...there will be TONS of coupons my advice, go thru your binders and find any coupons you might want to use...then go to your favorite data bases...(such as Hot Coupon World) and find deals!!

CVS has been looking better as of late.

Welcome to my new followers!!! I have been totally lazy! Partly, the deals have been sad for me lately. A new year, a new decade beckons....what will the next hot deal be?

E-mail me with deals...I will post!!


Dec 25, 2009

More Things to be Thankfull for!!!

Family, Home, Love, Food and Faith. Best Christmas Ever!!!