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Jul 31, 2010

The Pillaging of Kroger

Ah the joy of legal pillaging!!! Let's take a look at some great deals:

13 FREE 3/pks of Ivory Soap Bars

19 FREE Speed Stick Deo.

15 FREE Suave Deo.

8 FREE bottles of Old Spice Body Wash (actually made some $$ on this one with E-coupons)

4 FREE bottles of Gillette Body Wash

8 FREE Crest Toothpaste

9 24/pks of Crayons (made $1.75 on these)

and a bottle of Dr. Pepper icecream topper...(made $1.01 on this with e-coupons and OYNO cat)

also got 7 pkgs of Bounty Super Rolls for a buck a package!!!

Kroger thank you for the P&G Mega Sale!! loved it!!
one more bonus...gained 185 gas points and only spent $70, so we saved another .40 on each gallon of gas!!

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